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Children from the Triangle have power!

“Children from the Triangle have power!” is a project aimed at children and youth aged 6-12 and 13-18 as well as at their families and local communities.

As part of the project, we implement the following thematic series:

Become a superhero and save the world!” – workshops devoted to ecology, climate change and ecosystems and species extinction. One of the outcomes will be the publication/guide entitled: “How to save the world? Patents of children from the Triangle”.

Children design!” – workshops that aim to popularise a new model of participation in culture that uses modern technologies. One of the outcomes will be an application for virtual reality goggles co-created by workshop participants.

Discover your superpowers!”. We know that every child has talent, even though not everyone is aware of that. During the workshops, we will prove that each and every one of us has amazing superpowers. The series will culminate in a publication entitled “Children from the Triangle have power!” actively co-created by project participants.

East or West, the Triangle’s best!” is a series of workshops and tours dedicated to the local heritage. During creative field workshops organised in the Triangle, we will visit the known and unknown places of this residential area and learn more about its architecture, nature and history.

The “Children from the Triangle have power!” project is financed by the National Freedom Institute – Centre for Civil Society Development from the Civic Initiatives Fund Programme for 2021-2030.

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