Logo Fundcaji Młodzież dla Chrystusa


We have been in Poland since 1993. We work to bring hope and a breakthrough in the lives of young people, influence the development of those who cooperate with us. The problems of teenagers and young people for whom we exist are different – so we implement projects.
We invite you to join us in working together. Together we can do more!
Since we have the status of a Public Benefit Organization, by giving us 1% you help, among others in:
– practical help based on volunteering for children and teenagers from dysfunctional families and their parents – prevention of social pathologies;
– organizing meetings, conferences, camps for young people;
– co-organizing social and charity projects with other youth organizations from Poland and abroad;
– mentoring young people;
– alternative education classes for teens.
We are part of the worldwide Youth For Christ organization.


Christ is at the center of our life and actions. In our activities, we follow the values we believe in and strive to live by. As a Youth for Christ Foundation, we work for people and thanks to people. We love people regardless of religion, race or origin. Focusing on quality, we work and serve responsibly. We learn from others and share our experience ourselves.

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