Please, remember us as you fill in a Tax form!

Free taxation applications (PIT) in polish

Just like in previous years, we provide you with free taxation software to help you settle your tax. This year, in addition to the PIT you are familiar with, there is also a PIT Assistant and e-pits available.


Our KRS number: 0000052433

The above links lead to programs that you can use to settle your tax. It will help you to familiarize with official procedures, and your PIT will be settled quickly and safely.

By donating 1% you will help us to bring many colours of hope to the grey reality of the courtyard and practically show concern to children from the “Narnia Children and Youth Activity Centre and their families who are in a difficult situation…

You can also support many other activities of our Foundation among children and youth in the country:

  • Voluntary practical help for children and teenagers from dysfunctional families and their parents – counteracting social pathologies.
  • Organizing meetings, conferences and camps for children and youth.
  • Co-organizing social and charity projects with other youth organizations from Poland and abroad.
  • Mentoring young people.


Useful links:

PIT Online rozliczysz dzięki Instytutowi Wsparcia Organizacji Pozarządowych w ramach projektu dla OPP